When your household vacuuming needs require the use of an electric power nozzle, Myraton offers a wide range of electrified telescopic wands that combine both power and versatility. From the very basic requirements to the most advanced and integrated power designs, Myraton offers the fullest range of electric telescopic wand platforms in either chrome-plated steel, stainless steel, or aluminum finishes.

These are the wands you will need should your home come equipped with an extensive amount of carpeting and rugs requiring the use of an electric power nozzle.

Below we present a small sampling of the electric telescopic wands that you’re most difficult household cleaning requirements demand.


This telescopic wand is designed to accept the electric power nozzle that already comes equipped with the electric power cord. Simply clip the male plug of the power cord into the upper cord management clip of the telescopic wand and you’re ready to go. This “quick connect” wand design comes equipped with a sleek slider button to activate the telescoping action as well as a unique “thumbsaver” feature to ease the disengagement of the power hose from the wand. A simple spring button at the lower end of the wand connects seamlessly with most electric power brush designs. Available in chrome-plated steel or stainless steel.

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For use with many popular “quick disconnect” (or QDC) electric power nozzles, this telescopic wand design incorporates the power cord directly onto the wand itself. It also features the popular “quick connect” upper wand design to quickly connect or disconnect your power hose with one simple, smooth motion. The unique “thumbsaver” feature is found on this wand as well that makes disconnecting your power hose from the wand a breeze. Note the 1-step “quick connect” feature at the lower end of this wand that allows fast and simple “no hands” connection to your QDC-equipped electric power nozzle. Available in chrome-plated steel, stainless steel, and aluminum finish.

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When only the best will do! Our most popular wand takes all of the features of the above wand and integrates the power cord so that it is completely hidden from view. This design offers the most powerful features of our standard electric wands but incorporates them all into one sleek, and eye-pleasing platform. No power cords in sight! This electric wand combines the benefits of the upper cord management and the lower wand “quick disconnect” feature into the most effective, robust, and easy-to-use wand applications found anywhere in the world. Available in chrome-plated steel, stainless steel, and aluminum finishes.

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